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Apply to New Visions Charter High Schools


New Visions Charter High Schools are college and career preparatory high schools that are committed to helping all students gain the skills that they will need to succeed after they graduate. Whether at one of our eight themed charter high schools (Advanced Math and Science; Humanities) or at a New Visions AIM Charter High School for students who are overage and under-credited, students benefit from access to personalized academic and socio-emotional support, opportunities to explore hobbies and interests, internships and exposure to college and careers. Click below to learn more about applying to our schools.



Charter High Schools 

Our themed charter schools are open to students who will be entering high school following successful completion of 8th grade or are current high school students looking to transfer into 9th or 10th grade. Current 8th graders can apply for the lottery for September 2018 admission; current 9th or 10th graders can apply for a transfer this school year.     

















AIM Charter High Schools

Our AIM schools are open to students who are at least 15 years old, have completed 7th grade and are one grade-level behind academically. These schools are ideal for students who have previously struggled in school and are at risk of dropping out. Students can apply to transfer this school year or for admission the following September