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Tips for Completing the Application

Make copies of your applications and organize them into separate folders

Use these copies to draft your application. Then revise your responses and check for spelling and grammar.

Follow instructions exactly

Each college application is different, so always pay attention to the instructions and deadlines. If you have any questions, ask your college adviser or call the college admissions office directly.

Proofread and finalize your own work

After you have re-read your own work, ask your adviser, a teacher or a trusted adult to look over your application for typos or errors. Even one spelling mistake can make your application seem less appealing. After making corrections, print out the final version of your application.

Make copies

Photocopy your complete applications before you mail them out to the colleges. Keep a folder for each college you apply to, with copies of your application, financial aid, and other documents.

Common application

Most colleges and universities have their own application for admission. However, some colleges and universities have designed a common application that they all accept.
This means you can complete one application form, and then copy and send it to any of the participating colleges. Sometimes these institutions require you to submit additional information or forms, like an essay. You can download a copy of the common application and get more information on the Common App website. You can also get a copy of the common application form from your adviser.

Both the CUNY and the SUNY college and university systems have a common application of their own.

Applying online

Most colleges have websites where you can complete and submit your application online. You can save drafts of your application until you are ready to submit the final version. Be sure you are confident enough with the web browsers to navigate successfully. Before you begin, try to have uninterrupted access to the computer. Remember to save your work often.

Print copies of your online application before you submit it.