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Since 1993, New Visions for Public Schools has created 134 New York City public schools that strive to prepare students for successful futures in college and the workplace. In 2007, we were chosen by the New York City Department of Education to operate a portfolio of schools across the city.

Today, we work with 70 district public schools, serving approximately 40,000 students in all five boroughs of the city. Whether creating new schools or supporting our existing network of schools, we develop and pilot innovative strategies and tools to improve student achievement.

Our schools

Our portfolio includes schools serving students in grade ranges 6-12 and 9-12. In addition, we serve ten transfer schools designed to help older students who have fallen behind in credits to graduate. The majority of our schools are either new or small schools.

All New Visions schools:

Demonstrate high expectations for student success. Our schools are united in the belief that all students can succeed when given the proper supports and opportunities. Together, we set high expectations for all students and constantly strive to ensure that they achieve their full potential. Schools work to achieve graduation rates of at least 80 percent and an average daily attendance rate of at least 92 percent.

Provide a rigorous and relevant education for all students. Our schools are committed to preparing all students for success in meeting immediate benchmarks, as well as long-term success in career and college.

Focus on high-quality teaching and learning.  Our schools focus heavily on improving teaching and learning and rely on data-driven, individualized learning plans. We continuously work to develop and implement innovative strategies designed to raise student achievement.

Access unique resources provided by New Visions. Our schools receive individualized instructional support from New Visions staff and have access to hundreds of community organizations that have partnered with us to provide schools with additional resources.