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High School Enrollment

The New York City Department of Education enrolls students entering high school in 9th grade through a two-way matching process. Students select up to 12 high schools in rank order during the fall semester of the eighth grade. The schools likewise rank students based on a number of factors, such as whether the student has attended an information session or Open House.

Admissions criteria vary by schools, with some schools reserving seats for students who have demonstrated proficiency on statewide tests in mathematics and English language arts or who have grade point average above a certain cut-off.

In the spring of the eighth grade, students are notified by the Department of their high school match.

Useful tips for students

Summer before the 8th grade

Attend a high school admission workshop, prepare for the specialized high school exam, and begin to plan for school visits and Open Houses as well as auditions and upcoming citywide and borough-wide fairs.


Register for specialized high school exam or schedule auditions. Begin attending Open Houses and visiting schools. Attend the Citywide High School fair.


Attend the Borough-wide High School Fair. Register for and take the specialized high school exam. Continue to attend Open Houses visit schools.


With your guidance couselor's help, submit your high school application for Round 1 deadline

Early Spring

Find out where you have been accepted.

Late Spring

Appeal if you are unsatisfied with your placement. In Round 2, you can apply to new schools that will open in September.