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Transfer Schools

Transfer high schools are non-traditional learning environments for students 16 years or older who have attended high school for at least one year but may have fallen behind in credits towards graduation. Transfer schools do not follow the typical 9-12 grade structure. Instead, students learn at their own pace, usually through online coursework and with the help of a personalized counselor who ensures that they are getting the credits they need to graduate. Students also typically have access to paid internships and career planning.

  • for students 15 years or older with at least one year of high school experience
  • non-traditional self-paced learning environment for under-credited students
  • no 9-12 grade structure
  • Personalized academic support for each student
  • paid internships and career planning

Since 1989, New Visions for Public Schools has helped to make public schools in New York City great places for students to learn, grow and succeed. All 76 New Visions schools, including our transfer schools, receive support with curriculum resources, leadership coaching, professional development, and building human capacity of schools, in order to make sure that students get the attention they need to succeed in college and the workplace. 

New Visions Transfer Schools

Bronx Arena High School
Bronx Community High School
Bronx Haven High School
New Visions AIM Charter High School II

Brooklyn Bridge Academy
Brooklyn Democracy Academy
East Brooklyn Community High School
New Visions AIM Charter High School I
Olympus Academy

Innovation Diploma Plus

North Queens Community High School
Voyages Preparatory High School