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Scholarship Opportunities

Research and apply for scholarships

  • Review this guide and select scholarships that you think you are eligible for-- but don't stop there.
  • Research scholarships.
  • Visit your local library.
  • Talk to your school guidance counselor or college adviser.
  • Talk to your parent or guardian.
  • Look online.

Get more information

  • Contact the scholarship provider directly to get details and an application.
  • Know the application deadline, eligibility requirements and what you need to submit.

Plan ahead

  • Make a list of scholarships you plan to apply for. Consider the fact that every little bit helps, so do not limit your search to scholarships that award only larger sums.
  • Collect the materials you need. Some scholarships require recommendations, transcripts, or other materials.
  • Make a calendar of due dates for each application.


  • Apply to many scholarship programs, not just a few.
  • Do your best: Send in a finished, edited draft of your application.
  • Make sure your application is complete and arrives on time.
  • Contact the scholarship provider to make sure they received your application.

Follow up

  • Get in touch with the scholarship providers if the notification date has passed and you haven't heard from them.
  • If you don't win, don't let it get you down. Ask the scholarship provider what you could have done to make your application stronger, and use that advice to improve your future applications.

For more information and to find more scholarships, visit your local library -- The staff can help you find books about scholarships and provide Internet access to more scholarship guides.