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Since 1993, New Visions has created 134 New York City public schools that strive to prepare students for high school graduation as well as for successful futures in a career or college. In 2007, the organization deepened its relationship with the school system. New Visions was one of about a dozen organizations chosen by the Department of Education to run a network of schools, now known as Affinity Groups.

Partnering with its network of schools, New Visions provides a host of services, including:

  • leadership development and coaching;
  • data analysis and development of cutting-edge, school-specific data tools;
  • practitioner networks;
  • direct operational support (budgeting, scheduling, programming);
  • policy analysis and research capability;
  • technical and compliance support (preparation for annual DOE School Quality Reviews and Progress Reports);
  • opportunities to participate in innovation projects.

Today, New Visions is the support provider for 70 public district schools, large and small, spanning grade levels 6-12, in every borough of New York City. The size of its network -- approximately 40,000 students -- rivals many of the nation's largest school districts.

The network structure gives New Visions unparalleled opportunities to share knowledge and disseminate best practices. Opportunities for knowledge sharing include regular principal and practitioner meetings, retreats, and frequent trainings in instructional and operational topics.

Operational Support

Public schools in New York City face a variety of operational challenges, from completing large amounts of mandatory paperwork to meeting the diverse needs of students, families and staff. Working with our partners at the NYC Department of Education, New Visions provides our network of schools the operational support they need so that principals and school staff are able to fully focus on teaching students and improving student outcomes.  

Our coaches, and specialists work together with school staff to ease the day-to-day challenges of running a school and help to develop and streamline procedures that build long-term capacity and resolve immediate school needs and challenges as they arise.

New Visions for Public Schools provides the network of schools with:

  • Immediate access to New Visions' expertise via the on-call center;
  • Expert, on-site advice on improving the day-to-day management of school operations, meeting Department of Education requirements and increasing student achievement;
  • Targeted workshops that address school needs around time-sensitive issues like increasing student attendance and improving special education services;
  • Regular updates about district-level deadlines and operational, instructional and compliance issues;
  • Resources, such as how-to guides and templates, to streamline required paperwork.