Manhattan Bridges High School

Total Students: 532

Our school provides comprehensive college preparation and career readiness experiences. Our STEM programs afford students sequences in engineering or IT and the ability to earn college credits and industry certifications. Students are able to apply to either the Bilingual Program or the Dual Language Program in Spanish.

2 cool things about Manhattan Bridges

  • Manhattan Bridges is a Gold Seal High School. We rank #7 in New York City and in New York State and #51 in the nation on the 2014 Best High Schools list, according to U.S. News & World Report.
  • Job-shadowing and internship opportunities with companies such as Verizon, Juniper, AMEX, Cornell University and many more.

2 things you should know about coming here

  • Students apply to either the Academy of Engineering or the Academy of Information Technology and can earn college credits and/or industry certifications.
  • Students are able to take up to 7 Advanced Placement courses and/or earn 12-15 college credits.

How to get in

The school is open to students interested in the STEM academies. All students must apply to either the Dual Language Program open to students with proficiency in Spanish or the Transitional Bilingual Program open to newly arrived native Spanish speakers who are English language learners. Students must sign in at an informational session and interview. Open Houses are scheduled for every Friday at 10 a.m. during the months of October and November in 2014. Please call Mr. Torres or Ms. Ojeda at 212-757-5274 to make an appointment.