Quest to Learn

Total Students: 573
Grades: 6-12 

Design and innovation are at the heart of Quest to Learn (Q2L). We are a school committed to helping students achieve excellence in the skills and literacies required for college and career success in the 21st century. These include traditional skills and literacies (reading, numeracy, writing, etc.), as well as systems thinking, design thinking and creativity,
collaboration and teamwork, problem solving and self-reflection and fluency with digital media and design. It is our goal to create a nurturing school experience relevant to the interests and lives of our students, focused on student futures (college and career) in a rapidly changing world.

2 cool things about Q2L

  • Our partner organization, Institute of Play, provides our school with on-site professional game and curriculum designers to collaborate with our highly skilled teachers to create rigorous and engaging curriculum unique to our school. We have a really cool class called Innovation Lab, where students explore their interests and creativity using the design process through digital art, film, game design and programming.
  • Quest to Learn houses one of the few SMALLab (Situated Multimedia Arts Learning Lab), spaces in the United States. SMALLab is a digital kinesthetic learning space where students physically interact in real time with a motion capture system in a digital environment. SMALLab experiences are co-created by Quest to Learn educators and partner organization learning designers and are offered in specific domain classes during the course of the year.

2 things you should know about coming here

  • Quest students participate in PSAL sports on-campus teams, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball and wrestling.
  • We have an online learning management system (Canvas Instructure) that allows students and parents to log in to see grades and assignments as a way to monitor and manage student progress.

How to get in

Priority is given to continuing 8th graders, then to District 2 students/residents who sign in at an information session, then to Manhattan students/residents who sign in at an information session and then to NYC residents who sign in at an information session. Please consult our website for Open House information. Please consult the website, for Open House information.