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Parent Involvement

To fully support students, schools must develop strong relationships with parents, families and the community at large. New Visions works closely with schools to engage families and community groups so that more students develop the range of skills necessary for success in the workplace and college.

9th Grade Achievement

New Visions for Public Schools provides assistance to principals, guidance counselors and teachers to help students reach important early benchmarks for career and college readiness, providing a strong start on the road to a successful future. The three critical stakeholders in the school community -- parents, students and teachers -- work together to reach core academic benchmarks for college preparation, entrance and success.

Using a student performance tracker developed by New Visions, staff in our schools engage with students and parents early on during the 9th grade to make sure students know what they need to stay on track. They use bilingual workshops, parent-centered publications and student performance data tools. Since 2007, New Visions has reached more than 10,000 parents and students through its publications, and nearly 3,000 parents, students and teachers through ongoing workshops and direct support. As a result, participating schools are seeing a steady increase in student attendance and credit accumulation in ninth grade.