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Our Approach

We design, create and sustain great schools for New York City's highest need students. Since 1989, New Visions for Public Schools has served as a laboratory of innovation within the city's public schools, driving significant achievement gains for tens of thousands of students.

What We Do
We provide educators with the tools and training they need to analyze student performance, diagnose problems and design solutions to improve instruction.

We partner with teachers and school leaders, parents and community organizations to provide ambitious, rigorous instruction and to design curricula that are relevant to students' lives and aligned to college and job skills.

And we freely share best practices and lessons learned, to enable others in New York City and across the nation to raise student achievement in schools at scale.

How We Do It
Because we believe answers to improving urban education come in multiple forms, New Visions supports a network of public district schools and also operates an emerging network of traditional charter high schools and AIM charter high schools in under-resourced neighborhoods of New York City. We serve a student population that roughly equals the size of the Seattle school system.

While maintaining our core values, we constantly evolve to meet urgent and emerging needs. We do this by:

  • strengthening district schools through multiple channels, including promoting ambitious, rigorous instruction; student-centered learning environments; parent and community involvement; professional capacity of school staff; and effective leadership;
  • developing strong teachers and leaders through our innovative certification programs;
  • re-designing instruction that aligns with the Common Core State Standards.