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Guidance Counselor Resources

Through developing strong networks of college advisers and guidance counselors, New Visions helps students not only to prepare for postsecondary experiences, but also to access the resources and information they need to successfully navigate the college and career search, the college application process and financial aid requirements.

College Access and Awareness Network

Network Sessions:

The Community Engagement and College Readiness Unit will be offering college awareness and access network meetings for guidance counselors, college advisors, and parent coordinators. These workshops will focus on college and career access and early college and career awareness. Each network session will include:

  • Discussion, resources and support around a set of college access topics;
  • Opportunities to meet with college and community based experts;
  • Occasions  for schools to share best practices with one another;
  • Updates on post-secondary policy changes, pilot programs and opportunities related to college and career access;
  • Resources and activities that counselors can use with school staff, students and parents;
  • General guidance support. 

On-Site Follow-Up and Support:

A primary goal of the network is for counselors to share their knowledge at the school level, which may include working with school staff, students and parents around college and career access issues.  

  • At each session, counselors will participate in an action planning activity to propose how the work will be delivered at their schools;
  • Community Engagement and College Readiness team members will work between sessions to support counselors in building school capacity around specific college and career benchmarks.

At each session, counselors will have the opportunity to plan around how they will turn key information and activities to staff at their schools. New Visions will provide suggested activities, guidelines and examples of practice to facilitate this process.