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New Visions Charter High Schools are public, college-preparatory high schools available to students entering the 9th or 10th grade. Our schools are safe, close-knit, 21st century learning environments that prepare students for success in college, career, and life.

Our schools prepare students for college level coursework and empower them with skills that enable them to be productive members in our communities, thriving in their careers and making valuable contributions to society.

Whether at an Advanced Math & Science school or a Humanities school, all students gain the tools they need to succeed, with core courses in math, science, English, social studies, art as well as Advanced Placement and college-level courses.

Advanced Math & Science
Our math and science schools cater to students interested in engineering, medicine, research and forensics.

Our humanities schools cater to students who are interested in careers in politics, law, public service, education, the arts or media.

All New Visions Schools focus on these aspects of our model:


  • Students serve as a resource to their communities
  • Enriched learning through partnerships with local businesses
  • Community volunteer and internship opportunities for students                           

Academics and Student Support

  • Project-based learning focused on solving real world problems
  • Regents-based and Advanced Placement courses, electives etc.
  • Dedicated support for Special Education students, English Language Learners (ELLs) and all students regardless of academic need or ability

Partnering with Families

  • Clear and consistent communication with families
  • Family School Alliances (FSA) that foster partnerships between schools and families

College and Career Prep

  • College exposure beginning in the 9th grade, including: college visits, internships, college level coursework etc.
  • Personalized support through college application process
  • Exploration of post-secondary options for every student: college, career training, the military etc.

Social and Personal Development

  • Extracurriculars and clubs available at each school based on student interest
  • Training in relationship skills and social awareness through advisory groups, peer mentoring, individual/group counseling and more
  • Sports like football, volleyball, track and dozens of others available through the PSAL on each campus

School locations: