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Humanities IV

New Visions for Public Schools

New Visions Charter High Schools are a part of New Visions for Public Schools. Since 1989, New Visions for Public Schools has committed to improving educational opportunities of students throughout New York City.

History and Vision

Our History

New Visions for Public Schools has created over 130 small district high schools across New York City, and since 2011, has opened seven charter high schools to provide families even more choice. Today, the New Visions network supports more than 120,000 traditional district and charter school students across the city.

Our Vision

New Visions charter high schools are quality high schools that are committed to helping all students gain the skills that they will need to succeed in college and in life.

At our charter schools across the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, students learn to write well, communicate clearly, and present ideas to different audiences–all skills that are needed to be successful in college and beyond. Through sports, clubs, volunteer opportunities, and internships in the community, students are able to explore their hobbies and interests. Scholars learn how to advocate for themselves and for causes that are important while teachers help students to use what they are learning in class to solve real world problems.

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