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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find more information about the admission process at our school. If you still have questions, please email charter@newvisions.org or call 646-470-0375.

Questions about Admissions to Our School?

What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are free public schools open to all students and managed by organizations that are authorized by a public agency. As a result, they have more freedom and flexibility to make decisions about curriculum, scheduling, and teacher selection to meet the needs of their students. Charter schools follow all state education laws and and students must meet all New York state graduation requirements, including passage of Regents exams.

Where is Humanities IV located?

Humanities IV is co-located ​at the Beach Channel Educational Complex located at 100-00 Beach Channel Drive in Rockaway Park, Queens​.  We welcomed our first inaugural class in September 2017, and will be adding an additional grade each year until we are fully enrolled as a 9-12 high school.​ ​

What does co-location mean?

Co-location means that the Department of Education has placed one or more schools together in a building or campus. Co-locations must be approved by the Panel for Educational Policy, which is comprised of 13 appointed members and the Chancellor. Co-located schools collaborate on the use of space, management of the school schedule, and the assignment of the building’s resources to ensure that the needs of all students in the building are met. New Visions is committed working collaboratively with its host schools and neighboring community, a commitment we’ve kept at our seven existing charter schools.

How can I apply to Humanities IV?

Charter schools accept students through a lottery. The deadline to submit an application for inclusion in the school's lottery was April 2, 2018. However, we have 30 spots currently available in grades 9 and 10; you can submit an application by clicking here.  If you need help applying, please call 646-983-3949 or email create4hum@charter.newvisions.org (Spanish speakers available).

What is a Lottery?

New Visions Charter High Schools admit students by a random lottery, which, by law, is subject to an independent audit. The number of seats available vary by school, however, if we receive more applications than seats available, a lottery is held. An independent, impartial community member will observe the lottery to ensure that student selection is fair. The remaining applications are placed on the waitlist in the randomized order previously determined by the system.

Is anyone given preference in the Lottery?

Preference in the lottery is given to students in the following order:

  1. An applicant whose sibling is currently attending the school to which he/she is applying.

  2. Children of current New Visions charter high school employee (Note: preference will be given if the applicant applies to the same school where parent/guardian is employed).

  3. A new applicant who resides in the same community school district as the school, which is School District 27 (Note: proof of address must be received and verified prior to the Lottery).

  4. A new applicant whose sibling(s) is selected in the lottery of the same school (Note: siblings must submit separate applications and indicate the names of all siblings who are also applying).

Who can Apply?

We are currently accepting applications for incoming 9th and 10th grade students. Students who successfully meet the New York City 8th grade graduation requirements are eligible to apply for the 9th grade. We do not require exams, essays or interviews. We welcome applications from English language learners and students with special needs.

Can Children with Special Needs or English Language Learners Apply?

Whether you are looking for accelerated learning options, have special needs, or speak English as a second language, we will provide you with the support you need to learn.

Where Can I Learn More About Admissions to Humanities IV?

To learn more about New Visions charter high school for the Humanities IV and the admissions process, visit our Instagram page, email create4hum@charter.newvisions.org or call 646-983-3949 or 718- 734-3350.


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