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All of the Good Things

In recent years, more and more research surrounding positive reinforcement has surfaced in the world of education. This research points to celebrating small wins and, essentially, being hyper-positive with scholars, rather than negative and authoritative.

Here at HUM III, we’ve adopted much of this research, and consistently work to incorporate positive reinforcement in all that we do. We host Honors Ceremonies, distribute certificates and offer praise anywhere/everywhere possible. It’s who we are, so it comes as no surprise that two of our English Language Arts (ELA) teachers went out of their way to ensure that the conclusion of Trimester two (T2) was no different.

This past Friday, ELA teachers Ms. Andrade and Ms. Holford, ended T2 on a high note, by hosting T2 Triumphs – a mini-celebration of Trimester 2’s achievements and accomplishments.

Ms. Holford cited the celebration as “a way to recognize scholars openly and motivate them to keep up their good efforts in Trimester 3.” There were several award categories including: Best Reader's Notebook, Best Writer's Notebook, Most Improved Scholar, Best Argumentative Essay, Best Text Analysis, Highest Class Average and Top Scholar (to name a few).

There were many, many awardees from both 11th grade classes, and it was clear by the looks on their faces that scholars appreciated the recognition; proving once again, that here at HUM III, we will always make time to celebrate all of the good things.



Writing by Destiny Esper.


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