a New Visions Charter High School

Humanities II

Peer Group Connection

HUM II has developed a partnership with Peer Group Connection (PGC) to establish a Peer Leadership Program at HUM II.  Forty students were identified to apply for this program from the Junior and Senior classes and twenty-seven students were accepted to the program.  These students have been working since the beginning of the year to learn the essential skills to become group facilitators, role models and global citizens.  Peer Leaders went to the Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC)  to fine tune their training, build relationships, and pick partnerships with the people that they will be facilitating 9th grade advisories with throughout the year. During this school year, these Peer Leaders will continue to build bonds, plan and facilitate lessons and parent outreach events, mentor 9th graders, and become successful scholars. Learning these micro counseling skills will help them to obtain future employment and be ready for their college experiences while continuing to be successful scholars.

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