The Road to College: Kevin De Los Angeles ‘15 | New Visions for Public Schools

The Road to College: Kevin De Los Angeles ‘15

My name is Kevin De Los Angeles, I’m 17 years old and I attend New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science.

You’re probably not used to seeing a last name this long; it actually means “from Los Angeles,” in Spanish, which is pretty ironic, since I’ve never been there. I’ve grown up my entire life throughout the boroughs of New York. I was born in Manhattan, grew up in Brooklyn, then moved to Queens, came back to Brooklyn and finally settled in the Bronx at 10 years old. I’ve loved it ever since.

Being around so many different environments and people has made me insightful and taught me to really appreciate diversity. I’m constantly pursuing ways to develop and become a better person in my community, from taking internship opportunities like the Bronx Zoo Leadership program to staying after school for tutoring. 

Basketball is also one of my main passions and my favorite sport, since it benefits me physically, but is also competitive.I view competition as exciting, because, in a way, you’re gambling by committing yourself to something without being sure that you’re going to win. If you win, you’ll be glad you tried and you’ll celebrate in the moment. If you lose, you should view it as motivation to get better and try again. Life is all about taking chances and going against your fears. If you live your whole life without taking chances, you’ll never make progress or change as time goes by.

College is right around the corner and, for the most part, I’m ready for it, but I do have some fears about it. I wonder ‘What if I fail? What if I don’t reach my expectations? What if I let my parents down?’ There’s a lot of pressure to succeed as I grow from adolescence to adulthood. I’m also the oldest of my siblings so I also feel like I have to lead by setting a good example.

Even now, the pressure in high school can be overwhelming, at times. I’m currently taking three AP classes: AP English, AP Calculus and AP US History. It takes a lot of rescheduling, compromise and sacrificing of my free time to ensure that I’m being productive and taking care of my responsibilities.

I’m glad I’m learning to make sacrifices at an early age, so when I go to college it won’t be such a surprise. I’ve learned that nothing amazing is ever easily attainable without some kind of sacrifice, which is what motivates me to never quit and to keep going, at all costs.

I want to attend a small college, outside of New York state, but I’m undecided about my major. I want to be either a psychiatrist or pediatrician, but only time will tell what I’ll be. Whichever one I choose, I look forward to the experience and see it as an opportunity to grow and be successful.