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The Road to College: Guirny Occean ‘15

My name is Guirny Occean and I am a senior in the inaugural class at New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities.

When I was six years old, my mom took me to work with her. She was an anesthesiology nurse back in Haiti, and so were her three sisters. I remember watching her as she began to scrub in. Doctors were going in and out of the operating room, and through the glass windows I could see an angioplasty, which is when surgeons repair a damaged blood vessel and unblock a coronary artery.

It was at that moment my love for medicine began!

It probably goes without saying that some of my favorite subjects are Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry and Physics. I also have a love for sports. I like to exercise as frequently as possible and play on my school’s football team. I hope to major in biology or kinesiology in college and then go on to medical school to study sports medicine.

Outside of science and sports, I love playing the piano and studying U.S. History and Economics. One of my favorite documentaries, Park Avenue: Money, Power, and the American Dream, talks about how capitalists use their great wealth to hire lobbyists who persuade political leaders to support their businesses.

I’ve always been interested in the way the world works financially and socially. I think that everyone should try to learn and understand more about our society. If we did, as individuals, I think we’d be less biased when facing controversial situations regarding religion, sexual orientation, politics, etc.

At my school, I am part of the student government. I am also a peer educator for the New York Presbyterian clinic. In that role, I teach sexual health classes at all seven schools on the John F. Kennedy campus, where my school is located. My goal is to bring awareness to teens all over and hopefully influence them to make wiser decisions involving sex.

Although I’ve always been actively involved at my school, I haven’t always had the confidence to speak in front of large groups of people. My school has helped me to develop  that skill though and now I speak in front of large groups of people with confidence. I enjoy being a leader and I hope that I am making a great impact on my peers. Hopefully, they see the power of leadership and will follow in the same direction in the future. 

I’m looking forward to college next year. I know that it will give me the opportunity to collect an incredible amount of knowledge and use what I have learned to come back to my community and contribute my knowledge to younger kids. I want to inspire them to strive for greatness to improve society and make our community a better place.

Getting into college is the stressful part. Senior year is off to a great start but the college application process, rapidly approaching deadlines, supplemental essays and SATs have kept most of us seniors busy after school in the college office. I’m interested in applying to  Temple University, Columbia University, Georgetown University and Ithaca College. These schools have been ranked as the top schools for careers in medicine or any health profession and will provide the best opportunities for me.

I know that college will be an exciting time for me. I’m looking forward to learning all that I can because I believe that learning is the key to an open mind and improving the world. I know college will change me for the better.