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Part Four: Meet the 2015 New Visions Scholarship Winners!

Many times, financial aid packages offered by colleges and universities do not cover the full cost of attendance.  Too often, those gaps function as deterrents for students.  For the last six years, New Visions has awarded an exceptional set of high school seniors from New York City with scholarships to help offset the cost of attending the college of their choice.  This year, we are proud to present 10 outstanding students with New Visions scholarships of up to $20,000.  Today, meet…

Abdullah Nabeen
High School of Telecommunication Art and Technology, 2015
Skidmore College, 2019

"My passion for computer science took me from a small village in Bangladesh to New York City and I have done everything I can to pave the way toward a career in computer science. The next step: a college degree that will help me turn my passion into a career.”

Before Abdullah Nabeen moved to the United States from Bangladesh, he used to think that ”computers were just a bunch of wires and buttons,” but because of his parents’ steadfast devotion to providing the best educational opportunities for him, they moved him to the U.S. at the age of seven. Today, Abdullah has plans to impact the world through computer programming.

During the eighth grade, his curiosity about computers led him to participate in a weekend computer programming course at his local library, where he became fascinated by the idea of using computers to solve problems. Today, outside of excelling in science and math classes at his high school, locally known as “Telly,” and tutoring young people on the weekend with Minds Matter, Abdullah spends his free time fixing computers at his cousin’s electronic store to continue sharpening his computer programming skills.

A stellar academic student, Abdullah will be attending Skidmore college next year. He plans to  major in computer science and hopes to one day create an “intelligent” car that is smart enough to prevent accidents.


Treasure Goddard
Academy for Careers in Television and Film, 2015
Spelman College, 2019

“During these coming mind-opening, socially engaging and intellectually exciting years of my life, I hope to create as much as I can.”

Throughout her life, Treasure’s creativity has always opened doors for her. In the midst of a sometimes tumultuous upbringing taking care of her five younger siblings, Treasure found the joy of self-expression through the YouTube channel she created while in middle school — a place where she knew “someone, somewhere in the world was listening.” Treasure used her channel to share with the world her experimentation with film editing software, mastering her camera and learning the power of her own voice.

Her next four years at the Academy for Careers in Television and Film catapulted Treasure deeper into her love for film production and provided an opportunity for her to participate in a highly selective program, NYC Generation Tech, a program that opened up a whole new world.

“Through Gen-Tech I had discovered my true passion; technology-entrepreneurship. Not only was I able to take my speaking skills to a professional level, but I was also still able to create my own works.” In Gen-Tech, Treasure founded Orgster, a mobile application useful for helping students get homework done in transit without the need for papers and heavy books. She also went on to participate in Girls Who Code, and intern at Learning Curve, an organization for teen entrepreneurship.

Treasure is hopeful and excited about the creative opportunities that will arise for her as she enters the next phase of her life as a freshman at Spelman College this fall.