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Meet the Students of our 2011 Annual Report

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What do Dominique, Sahib, Terrence, Jalisa, Guirny & Marlon all have in common?

They're all students in New Visions schools. And they are the student profile subjects of our 2011 Annual Report, Moving Forward.

We thought it would be fun -- and fitting -- to take as our design motif the New York City subway system. After all, it's how most of us get to school or work everyday. A transit theme also seemed appropriate, since our students definitely feel as though they are on a journey to college, career and adulthood.

As you'll see, our profile subjects are united by their desire see great things for themselves as they look to the future. They credit their schools with preparing them for a rapidly changing world -- one where many of the jobs of the future have yet to be imagined.

Through their stories, you'll get a sense of our impact. Whether it's helping Dominque's school (Amistad Dual Language School) design assessment tools to help teachers in their literacy instruction or helping Terrance's school (Performing Arts and Technology High School) keep students on the college track, New Visions is seeing results.

 For instance, we work with our network of schools to make sure students earn credits faster, pass more Regents exams and graduate ready for college and the workforce. Our annual report gives you a snapshot of where New Visions is today and where we hope to be in the coming years.

A big thank you to our Suka, our design partner, and to our wonderful photographer, Philip Greeenberg.