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Meet the 2016 New Visions Scholarship Winners

Many times, financial aid packages offered by colleges and universities do not cover the full cost of attendance.  Too often, those gaps function as deterrents for students.  For the last seven years, New Visions has awarded an exceptional set of high school seniors from New York City with funding to help offset the cost of attending the college of their choice.  This year, we are proud to present 11 outstanding students with New Visions scholarships of up to $20,000.

Nominated by their principals and teachers, this year's scholars are fierce advocates for social justice, enriching their communities and schools and seeking new challenges in and outside of the classroom.

Support for the 2016 scholarships was made possible through the generosity of donors like Ralph Schlosstein and Ambassador Jane Hartley, Roger Altman and Jurate Kazickas, and the Dalio Family Foundation.

Below you will find more information about six our 2016 recipients:


"I would say that when I first started school at Hillcrest, I would say was kind of shy. I didn't really like trying new things, but the person I am now is the complete opposite. I love trying new things. I found a lot of my passions at Hillcrest. I joined my school's 'Girl Up' club and was active in raising awareness about the importance of educating women in other countries.”


“I have one aspiration and that is what has brought me this farto be a cardio surgeon.  I remember my aspiration and my experience of coming to America and trying to be a success. My advice for others is to find something that inspires you and build on it. You shouldn't try to find shortcuts. Keep working hard.”



"This is a principle that I try to live by. What makes you unique are the things you do that impact others not just yourself. If you're trying to make a mark in the hearts of other people, that's when you are utilizing yourself most appropriately. Don't just be confined within your self interests, try to think about everything else around you and how you can make everything better."



"I’ve learned how to push myself through challenges as well as celebrate my achievements instead of bashing myself for failures. This new methodology uncovered a stockpile of deadly weapons—curiosity and passion—the most powerful things a woman can possess."



“You need to pursue your dream no matter what other people tell you, no matter who is in your way. You have to go forward to pursue your dream because you never know what you’re going to get out of it.”


"I want to help people tell their stories, but I also hope to use those stories to bring about some change. I hope to use film as a medium to accomplish this. In college, I would like to double major in sociology and anthropology, with a minor in film studies. I hope that with a college education, I can show people what is going on in the world and hopefully get them to do something about it."



“I am a student, an athlete and a public speaker. While I don’t know where these strands will lead me, I know that they’ve motivated and inspired me to do more than I ever thought I could ever do. My hope is that through my collegiate experience, I can continue to enhance who I am.”


"I embrace the ideal that change is not ignited by having everyone agree with everything in fear of facing the backlash while hiding behind standardized scores. Change is ignited when you speak up and defend your truth, no matter how unstandardized it may be, until it is heard."



“I consider my education a special privilege, because not everyone is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study. I want to continue my education to fulfill my dream career so I can support my parents who have inspired me to pursue my dreams and worked so hard to help me reach where i am today.”


“My long term goal is to get a Ph.D. because I want to conduct my own independent research in the field of medicine, which I’ve always been interested in. I just honestly like research. I’m one of those weird, select people. I just love discovering knowledge.”



"Volleyball has really pushed me. It taught me that life is about pushing the boundaries, not just reaching your limits but going beyond them. It’s taught me that I always have to move forward, think about the next point and what I can do better in this second."