CNBC’s David Faber Wins $50,000 for New Visions on Jeopardy! Power Players | New Visions for Public Schools

CNBC’s David Faber Wins $50,000 for New Visions on Jeopardy! Power Players

A: This board member of New Visions Charter high schools sailed to victory on Jeopardy! Power Players.

Q: Who is David Faber?

This week, David Faber (CNBC "The Faber Report" and "Squawk on the Street") won his "Jeopardy! Power Players" match, earning $50,000 on behalf of New Visions for Public Schools.

"There is no greater advantage in life than having had a good education and in New York City, where a staggering 1.1 million kids attend public schools, that goal is often out of reach," he said.

Faber has supported New Visions for a decade and is currently on the board of directors of the two New Visions Charter high schools scheduled to open in the South Bronx in September.

Faber's competitors were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (NBA's All-Time Leading Scorer and Global Cultural Ambassador) and Dana Perino (Fox News Channel "The Five"). Although Abdul-Jabbar took an early lead, Faber came out strong in the show's second half.

But it wasn't all smooth sailing. After the show, he tweeted "Still can't believe I whiffed on Hebrew word for 'day,'" referring to his incorrect response to the translation of 'yom.'

By Final Jeopardy!, Faber had a comfortable lead. With the category "Museums," Faber correctly guessed New York City's Guggenheim Museum as one whose design has been compared to a "concrete tornado."

Asked after the show what winning the $50,000 means, he said "It's going to mean a lot for the students in New York City's public schools. Every little bit helps. $50,000 helps a lot in terms of the work that New Visions for Public Schools is doing. It's such an important endeavor."

As runners-up, Abdul-Jabbar and Perino received $10,000 for their special causes. Abdul-Jabbar played for the Skyhook Foundation and Perino competed for Pets2Vets.

To hear David Faber discuss his win on CNBC, click here.

Congratulations, David! And thanks for supporting us!