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New Visions Reflects on 25 Years of Improving Public Schools

An ER doctor on Staten Island inspired by his high school faculty. A young teacher from the Bronx dedicated to transforming her community. A museum curator whose high school awoke in him a passion for the arts.

What do these inspirational stories have in common? All attribute their success to attending a New Visions school.

For 25 years, New Visions has demonstrated that all students can succeed and that public education still has the power to transform lives.  Nearly one in five public high school students in New York City attends a school created or managed by New Visions. Our latest Annual Report provides a window into the lives of five young adults whose experiences as New York City public schools students intersected with New Visions’ own story of innovation and achievement.

Asking big questions


After 25 years, New Visions has proven not only that public education can work for the neediest students but how it can be done.  We enable our students to build a robust educational foundation by rethinking and redesigning public education. We do this by asking big questions about how to most effectively deliver high-quality instruction to all students by strengthening schools, preparing effective teachers, driving research and innovation, and supporting teachers and leaders.

Our student success stories

An ER doctor on Staten Island is inspired and nurtured by high school role models.

After escaping persecution in Syria, Elias Youssef arrived in Staten Island as a first-grader who spoke no English. At New Dorp High School, with a principal who was “one of the best role models” he ever had, he interned in emergency medicine. A graduate of St. Johns University and New York Medical College, Elias is an emergency medicine resident at Staten Island University Hospital.

A Bronx-born teacher committed to changing the world begins at home.

Melida Maldonado graduated from Marble Hill School for International Studies in 2007 and traveled from her native South Bronx to China and Japan. After graduating from Middlebury College and Teachers College at Columbia University, she returned to her alma mater to teach her students “to reclaim their community.

An innovative school helps a young man realize his childhood dream.

Daniel Silva recalled the New York City Museum School as a place where his teachers “opened us up to a world that we weren’t taught to aim for because of where we came from.” A graduate of Baruch College, he interned at multiple prestigious museums before joining the Museum Department of the Hispanic Society of America. 

A new Bronx high school helps a high-achieving young woman write her success story.

As the valedictorian of the inaugural class of the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics, Joivonnah Childs credited her success to the school “knowing, really knowing” its students. This foundation carried her first to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and then to product giant Colgate-Palmolive. 

A Bronx high school prepares the foundation for a career in digital strategy.

At Pelham Prep, "college is part of the school’s slogan, so from day was going to be a focus." Samuel Malave rose to the expectations set by his school to go onto attend the University of Vermont and later gain a coveted job as content strategist at Blue State Digital, one of the preemininent digital strategy companies. 

As Elias, Melida, Daniel, Joivonnah, and Samuel demonstrate, New Visions students are equipped and empowered to write their own success stories. New Visions will continue to improve student outcomes through innovation and a focus on the same proposition that we began with 25 years ago: that public education has the power to transform lives. We look forward to what the next 25 years will bring...

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