a New Visions Charter High School

Advanced Math & Science II

Lincoln Center Education

Learning Through the Arts

AMS II offers students diverse opportunities for learning through the Arts. Students in the 9th grade experience weekly Arts integration with their ELA curriculum through our partnership with Lincoln Center Education. This program exposes students to professional Arts performances as well as provides a foundational language and tools for learning, discussing, and analyzing through arts experience. Students in grades 10-12 are provided with Art Elective opportunities  in Theater, Hip-Hop, and the Visual Arts.

Together with our Lincoln Center Education (LCE) instructor, we plan lessons that incorporate the LCE Capacities for Imaginative Learning. For 9th grade, these capacities include Notice Deeply, Pose Questions, and Make Connections. By incorporating these capacities into the curriculum, students are equipped with tools that allow them to think critically and creatively inside and outside the classroom.

For Trimester 2, Pose Questions allowed students to participate in a Socratic Seminar that was entirely student-led. Students came prepared with deeper-level questions, based on the shared text, which they posed to each other and answered surrounding our Trimester Challenge: How is one's identity affected by one's community?

For Trimester 3, students saw a stage production that embodied the theme of "Identity in Community" at Lincoln Center. After watching and noticing deeply, students posed questions to the actors and reflected on their experience.


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