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Advanced Math & Science II

Solidarity at AMS II

Bullying Prevention:

For the month of October, AMS II has been pushing initiatives to raise awareness of the harmful effects that bullying has on young people. This all culminated in a school-wide assembly that reinforced the zero tolerence policy we abide by as a school. As a part of Bullying Prevention Month, our students participated in activities that supported National Coming Out Day and the individuals that face so much scrutiny when they finally decide to be true to themselves and come out as a member of the LGBTQ community. During the presentation, we explained what National Coming Out Day represented, and spoke about the ways we can support this community in feeling accepted, no matter what differences we may have. We detailed potential, supportive actions that ranged from simply listening to a friend, to joining our GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) Club. Lastly, we made sure all scholars understood that AMS II is apart of the OUT for Safe Schools! Program. We have staff wearing the OUT for Safe Schools badges, and each of these staff members are trained members of our community who can help students and provide a safe space for them to talk.

Ally Week:

Ally Week is traditionally a student-organized GLSEN program in which students hold a national conversation about the meaning of allyship. Ally Week is for everyone: straight and cisgender allies to LGBT youth are encouraged to learn about what actions they can take to support their LGBT peers. Educator allies use Ally Week as an opportunity to teach lessons about compassion and diversity, and LGBT youth can learn about how to support one another's overlapping, intersecting identities. During Ally Week, we will included small daily activities in homeroom to help understand how to be an ally here within our community.

Hispanic Heritage Month:

Here at AMS II, we strive to employee diverse teachers and staff members so our educators reflect our student population as much as possible. In order to celebrate this, all staff members of Hispanic descent were asked to identify the name of the Hispanic country or countries from which their family comes. We decorated two bulletin boards with this information. One board was dedicated to highlighting the flags that represent our staff, and the other was used to identify each staff member with a hispanic background, so students can easily identify a teacher or staff member who may come from a similar upbringing.

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