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Advanced Math & Science II

Chemistry Kids: Burning Solutions Lab Is a Hit!

Chem Unit Goal: Explain why the northern lights appear with the colors that they do.


Lab Prep: This was done without any background info. No experience with these substances. After they analyzed what they saw, they build on it throughout the rest of the week.


Results: Students saw that different elements burn different colors. Copper burned blue-green. Potassium burned pink-purple. Sodium borned orange-yellow. Strontium burned reddish.


After the lab, Chemistry teacher Mr. Kostka remarked, “Class was so much fun. They talked about it the day after and all the kids said “It was lit!” One student made the connection that this is why the Statue of Liberty is blue-ish green. Because its made of copper and has turned over time."


Sounds like another successful lab for Advanced Math and Science II!

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