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Shergy Wyco Joins Championship Fortnite Team at TwitchCon 2018

TwitchCon is a celebration for Twitch creators and their communities where they can watch, learn, and play together. From Friday October 26th to the 28th, senior Shergy Wyco was in San Jose competing in the world’s most popular game, Fortnite. Shergy (Gamertag: TV GyGy) was tenacious and talented enough to earn a rare spot on a highly competetive Fortnite team at TwitchCon. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it is a colorful Battle Royale Shooter game that has taken the world by storm. Shergy competed to finish among the top players. The most skilled make it to the Grand Finals heat on Sunday, where they have the opportunity to take home hundreds of thousands of dollars and all the gamer cred in the world. How amazing would it be to see a South Bronx kid to return home with the title of best young Fortnite gamer and a fat paycheck?

Shergy will be representing Rogue; Las Vegas’ professional Esports organization, who signs professional gamers to compete as a representative of their team. On October 8th, Rogue kicked off the Junior Rogue semesterly program that will provide young Fortnite players with mentorship from Rogue Fortnite players and opportunities to succeed in the gaming space. Participants will be mentored by some of the top personalities in Fortnite, including Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo.

In September, they started recruiting younger players (17 and under). In order to give himself a chance to make the team, Shergy recorded himself playing for 40 mins and completed an application. DrLupo announced the finalists at 9:00pm one night and Shergy had no idea he was selected until a friend congratulated him. Now he’s off to California to showcase his skills and hopefully take home one of the final prizes.

You can read more about Shergy’s journey to TwitchCon below:

I used to play a lot of PC games, then stopped and went to PS4 over the summer of 2017. My friend Hamlet told me about Fortnite, and at first I thought is was a bad game. I thought it was weird, and like Minecraft after he told me you could build in the game. Then I played and enjoyed, then decided to take it more seriously and switched to PC where I'm most comfortable. The Philadelphia 76rs have a motto called ‘Trust the process’. They have a lot of young players and I kind of felt like I was in the same position as a gamer. There’s a lot more coming from me.”

Powerhouse Twitch personalities Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, Ben “Dr Lupo” Lupo, and Jack “CouRage” Dunlop will be captaining squads in the three-day, $10M prize pool tournament at TwitchCon this weekend. Check out the entire slate of Fall Skirmish action, which will be available to watch via live stream on Fortnite's official Twitch channel.

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