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AMS Restorative Practices


This Community Engagement Video (CEV) informs families how our school community supports those in conflict. Restorative Circles brings together the three parties to a conflict – those who have acted, those directly impacted and the wider community – within an intentional systemic context, to dialogue as equals.



Making financially sound decisions

This webinar informs families on how to make financially sound decisions about the postsecondary process. Families will learn the types of financial aid offered, understand the cost of attendance and decipher sample financial aid packages. Families will have the tools to understand how much financial aid has been offered for each school and how this impacts post-secondary decision-making.



Credit and Exam Requirements for Graduation

My video reviews the New York City Department of Education credit and examination requirements for graduation. It outlines by course and subject area what is needed to obtain a Regent or Advanced Regents Diploma. It is important that families understand what is needed to graduate and how/what credits can be obtained in order to do so. Understanding this process is vital for the academic success of every student.


Making the Fourth year count

In this Webinar components of College Readiness are discussed. The main topics are : Academics / PSAT/SAT, College Exploration, Career Exploration, and Developing a Portfolio. These components are discussed in this webinar to give the audience an idea of what needs to be focused on before going to college and setting themselves up for a bright future. In order for one to be great and chase greatness, he /she must make the necessary steps. This video can be used as a blueprint tool for parents to advocate for the children.


Partnering with your Scholar in Preparation for Post-secondary Success

This webinar will discuss the emotional implications for families and students in preparing for the transition from high school to college. Families will have a better understanding and awareness of what you and your child may be experiencing during this time and provide some concrete strategies you can use to work towards feeling successful in your communication with your scholar. The topic of this webinar is Partnering with your scholar in preparation for post-secondary success.



One Step at a Time

Ms. Pandza provides us with an outline on how to start the 9th grade off right. AMS offers several support services to ensure that our scholars are achieving the grades they deserve.



How Will I Know if my Child is Depressed or Struggling Emotionally?

The video will focus on the topic of depression and ways parents and caretakers may identify symptoms that may occur within their children. Families will get a clear descripton of what to look for and gain some insight on how to respond, ways to support their child through the process of seeking treatment and where to find additional resources.



Creating, Maintaining and Leveraging Partnerships

This Community Engagement Video (CEV) highlights the partnerships AMS has created in order to keep our families updated, involved, and engaged as we prepare their children for post-secondary success. Families will have a better understanding of some of the enrichment opportunities we've created for their children and how they can become integral partners as community change agents.)



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